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AirSafe AntiVirusBox-4 & AirSafe AC/Fan coil system

Maritime Applications


 The AirSafe AntiVirusBox 4 (AVB-4) as well as the AirSafe AC/Fan coil system (AFS) are especially developed to be applied inside ducts, inside   Fancoil systems or in Air Handling Units. Both systems (AVB-4 and AFS) creates an UV-C germicidal irradiation that inhibits the proliferation   of dangerous viruses, bacteria, moulds and spores settling inside Air Conditioning Systems or Air Ducts.














The AirSafe AVB-4 and AFS purifies homogeneously the airflow running through its powerful lamps, eliminating the microbial load and the      spreading and distribution of hazardous and annoying pathogens onboard ships etc.

In AC systems an unpleasant biofilm covers usually all inner surfaces as the result of microorganisms combination and favorable conditions for their proliferation, such as temperature changes, high humidity and darkness. AirSafe AVB-4 and AFS inhibit the creation of this biofilm increasing Indoor Air Quality and comfort.

The AirSafe AVB-4 and AFS applications are important not only for indoor Air quality and health but a cleaner AC system or Air duct is also more efficient from an economic point of view, with less operative and maintenance costs. As a matter of fact, using UV-C technology  the need of filters replacement and clean of inner surfaces is less necessary than usual. With the AirSafe systems you obtain a deep and continuous disinfection and cleaning of your AC/Air duct system, without the use of expensive and polluting chemicals, in few words, with  AirSafe you have better comfort for the people and it is saving money.






AirSafe AVB-4 product description:

The AirSafe AVB-4 family includes a range of modules with two 253,7nm UV-C lamps of different sizes (from 20 to 55 cm) and power ratings  (from 70 to 190 W) protected by a steel grid. One of the main features of the AirSafe AVB-4 are the super compact sizes which allow easy application even in existing air conditioning systems (retrofit). Its installation requires just a few simple steps: insert the lamps within the air duct through two holes using the drilling template provided, and screw the AVB-4 on the external channel wall, turn in ON and it’s done!  The high-quality components used in the AVB-4 ensures the performances and durability, even in difficult operating conditions               

(high humidity, low temperature, etc.).

The operation time of the UV-C lamps is 9000 hours.


AirSafe AFS product description:

The AirSafe AFS family includes a range of ‘’tailor-made’’ UV-C applications especially developed for fitting into existing AC/Fan coil systems.  For every Fan coil unit we have an appropriate module that consists of one (double) 253,7nm UV-C lamp available in various sizes and power ratings. After determining the best position in the Fan coil unit, the installation of the AirSafe AFS module is simple but should be done by an AC specialist.

The operating time of the UV-C lamps is 9000 hours.    


AirSafe offers your guests and crew a safe and fresh stay on board












AirSafe AVB 4
AirSafe AVB 4
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AirSafe AVB 4
AirSafe AVB 4
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